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Wednesday, 21-Jan-2009 06:12 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Hijrah jugak..



Friday, 9-Jan-2009 00:43 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Happy 6th month old, sayang..

My 6th month old Zahraa...

- dah pandai crawling !!! lilttle crawler yg sgt comel!
- b4 nih suke wat excercise angkat bontot, pon comel.. tp since dh maken pandai crawling dh kurang buat
- dah pandai duduk, tp senget sket, hehe --> 2 days after 6th month birthday, dah duduk straight!
- dh stat mkn solid.. yum yum.. zahraa sgt suke mkn organic brown rice.. mkn sampai 2 bekas every day, mama tok rajen suapkn.. hehe
- sgt sgt super duper attach ngan mama bile mama ade, ayoo, nk pegi toilet pon susah
- dh 2x zahraa cm sebut maa, bile nanges nk fedy.. btol ke zahraa panggil mama pon xtau.. huhu ---> sebut pa pa pa, after diaja oleh papa.. zahraa now asek ckp pa pa pa..

Zahraa's happy faces..

Papa's feveret faces of happy Zahraa.. hehe

Zahraa n papa..

Thursday, 8-Jan-2009 14:57 Email | Share | | Bookmark

I won't die if I don't buy. If I do buy, Palestine will die!
Boycott goods and brands that support the Israeli economy.


BOYCOTT: Considering the current massacre of Palestinians in Gaza, there has never been a better time or indeed a better reason to boycott all products that support and contribute to the Israeli economy and thus fund the Military machine. Make sure your ISOC boycotts Israel.

Boycotting the economy of Israel means blocking money from funding the Israeli military which has committed countless massacres and ethnic cleansing against an innocent population.

On the 27th December '08, Israel launched yet a new bloody campaign against the population of the Gaza Strip, Palestine. This comes after years of its illegal blockade and siege of 1.5 million Gazans. The Siege is illegal under international law and breaches the numerous conventions in place to protect the human rights of the world populations.

Israel's apartheid policies against Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza and even within the Green Line (territories occupied in 1948) have to end.

It is in our power to put Israel' economy and military under pressure.

Watch out for Israel's country prefix "729" on bar codes. You will see it on imported goods in supermarkets.

We will start our boycott with 4 main products, sponsors of the Israeli war machine:

1. Coca-Cola
2. Starbucks
3. McDonalds's

For detailed information around their involvement, and for more products, please see http://www.aqsa.org.uk/Portals/0/Leaflets/LF_24_Boycott.pdf

Please take a few minutes to write to these companies informing them of your boycott and your intention to encourage family and friends to follow suit.

Also write to supermarkets asking them to stop selling Israeli products in their stores and informing them that you have engaged in a boycott and will encourage family and friends to do the same.

For more information and for help writing letters contact FOSIS Palestine Campaign at Palestine@fosis.org.uk.

Wednesday, 7-Jan-2009 16:53 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Our Bukit Tinggi Trip

View all 48 photos...

Tuesday, 6-Jan-2009 16:41 Email | Share | | Bookmark
16 Random Things About Me

Directions: Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog/Facebook note with 16 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end choose 16 people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them.Don’t forget to leave them a comment or tag them in your note to read this.

Was tagged by lana dearest.. so here goes..

1. I love babbies + toddlers.. n I think they love me too.. haha.. used to babysit many of them when I was in UK.. in fact few of them still remember and keep in touch with me.. one of them had described me as ‘kakak yg bilik die sume pink tuh?’ huhu

2. I consider myself a roller coaster lover (not quite to the level of an enthusiast). I love to experience as many theme parks as I can.. the best I had so far was six flag @ Amsterdam.. A theme park to remember is @ Alton Tower, UK.. been there with my dear Zahrin, TT n abah..

3. I love sports and can play almost all kinds of sport. Used to be an athletic person.. well, used to.. not anymore now.. huhu.. Was awarded ‘olahragawati’ in sport’s day for 5 consecutive years @ sec school

4. Got injured twice while playing netball @ UTP – ankle, tendon tear and volleyball @ kmys –knee, bone dislocation. Have to undergo operation as my dislocated bone no longer in its normal location but did not do one.. as a result, no more sports (actively) for me..

5. There was a time in UK, when I was about to cross a road to go to uni for a class, my dislocated bone moving n I could not move!! I was so panicked as it was at the middle of the road.. Luckily, I have 2 legs, and the other leg was functioning.. I then continued crossing the road by using 1 leg..

6. Got a chance playing netball with my ‘KL state player sister’-TT yg busuk itu in manchester @ their sports carnival.. we were in 1 team (lain kali kite lwn plak k.. hehe), joining awin’s team.. it was really a game to remember as we never played together before.. kan bes if dpt main tournament kite satu team kan, Tie. Huhu.. oh yes,thanx to awin for the invitation.. hehe

7. All of my family members had been to Paris except ME !!!! coz somebody’ asked me to go there for the first time with him for honeymoon.. bile la nk tunggu lg nih.. hehe

8. I am scared of injection needles! Before I got married, everytime I had to take an injection, mama had to hold my hand and close my eyes for me.. The pain is just for a few seconds.....but still i hate it!

9. When it is time to bring Zahraa for jab, hubby has to follow along to hold Zahraa as I could not bear to see the needle being injected into zahraa’s tiny body. I would leave the room or turn my back.

10. My hubby does not like to watch ghost movie with me, I guess.. huhu.. becoz I will like-cover my eyes with my hand and then ask him wat happen?

11. I like driving thus I like cars as well.. However, I would not spend my $$$ on expensive cars at the moment.. Same like lana, I would rather spend my money on my little baby zahraa or my new house..

12. I hate slow/not-fast enuf drivers who driving on the right lane..SHOOOOOOT!!

13. When I am sad I like to sleep or play game or watch movie dat I like such as SURVIVOR.. My upah after being so rajen study when I was in UK was watching Survivor / Amazing Race / Apperentice dat I had downloaded before..

14. Ohh, dah xtau nk tulis ape.. huhu.. well, I have two beautiful younger sisters who are still single and AVAILABLE.. huhu

15. Oh yes, I’ve known my dear husband for 7 years b4 we finally got married.. at last, huh.. had been tru lots up and down 2gether b4, but finally got tru it n alhamdulillah, I am a happily married wife now..Thank you, ALLAH for my wonderful husband.. 

16. aha,last but not least penah kantoi burp ngan Zahrin kat library @ KMYS.. xprasan Zahrin kat table sebelah.. rase burp slow but how come Zahrin leh dgr pon xsure.. now duk ungkit psal fedy burp while studying @ library kat KMYS before fly UK.. (kantoi slalu ngintai/usha fedy dulu.. huhu)

With that, I rest my case.. hehe

n now, i'm tagging:

1. K.faten
2. TT
3. Imah
4. Umar
5. Ura
6. K.ngah
7. K.Zura Pakdek's
8. Awin
9. Nasya
10. K.Anisa
11. Lyna Along
12. Yum Yum
13. Elly Wong
14. Eeda muiz
15. Assie
16. Mate

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